Horse Boarding

Contact our office to apply for admission into our boarding program.
Full board
starts at
$550 per month. 

Premium facilities at competitive rates
Full boarding in box stalls w/daily services 
Large Indoor lighted Arena
​Large Outdoor Riding Arena
4 pastures and 5 grazing paddocks
Small herds with hand led turn-in & out
Free locker closets
Includes free ceiling fan 24/7 ( April - November)
CCTV remote monitors & recording 24/7
Onsite Overnight manager
Trailer storage ( optional ) 
Training and conditioning services  ( optional ) 
Veterinary & Farrier assistance  ( optional ) 

Full Board
starts at
$ 550 per month

Boarding fee is $15 per day ($450/month) 
plus cost of feed & hay.
Separate feed billing gives you complete control of your horses nutritional quantity needs.

Schedule an Orientation Session or Barn
Tour with our staff

SORRY..........We do not have horses for rent.  We do not conduct  trail rides for the general public.  Our horses are only for the riding academy.  

Miles of Bridle Trails

Boarders and Students enjoy the convenience of direct passage from Hampton Cove Equestrian Center onto the Big Cove Greenway.  Dedicated trails in the  Equestrian Parklands wind beautifully along Big Cove Creek and continue on into the Hays Nature Preserve along the Flint River.   

Our resident boarders delight in spontaneous outings as the weather invites.  
Big Cove Creek 
J.D. and Annie S. Hays Nature Preserve, City of Huntsville

JOBS with Horses

Email our office with your information to sign up for training events, volunteer for needs, read the latest announcements, view pictures and video tutorials and more! 

Summer Training positions start at age 14. 

Year-round positions available, also.

Training days are in August, November,  February., & May
Jobs from Training positions to Professional positions