Riding Instruction

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​Riding lessons are available for young and adult riders, from beginner to advanced levels.

Beginners can start in private lessons and progress into group classes. 

We abide by the standards of CHA.  the Certified Horsemanship Asoociation,.  

The weekly program includes riding lessons in small groups, where you will learn both English and western styles. Our proven schooling horses are well trained and well cared for, not overworked, and NEVER rented to the public. 

Different varieties of colors, sizes, and types make every week seem like owning a different horse!​  The environment is a wholesome family atmosphere, in a well-organized facility, with courteous and knowledgeable staff. .

HCEC Monthly Tuitions

    GROUP LESSONS ( 1.5 hour appointments)   
4 Weekly lessons 
$160 per month*
    Includes use of our horses and tack. 

  Boarders Discount: Weekly group lessons on your horse & tack
$140 per month* 
4 per month.*

    PRIVATE LESSONS ( 1 hour):
4 Weekly Lessons (limited availability)
$ 180 per month*

Kid's  Age 5 to 8:  
"Readin' & Ridin' Program" 
$100 per month*
                 weekly half-hour lessons, limit of 4 lessons per month.

*No payment is due until lessons are scheduled and accepted.

Three semester schedules per year:        Fall Semester,   Spring Semester,  Summer Semester.      

Your monthly tuition will purchase  4 riding lesson opportunities each month, on a weekly routine.  

* You may schedule your lessons more frequently with an instructor.  
* More than 4 group lessons per 30 day period can be arranged at an additional fee.
* Monthly Tuition is by a recurring Payment Authorization.   
* Your student account’s credits do not expire, unless you drop out.  Credits are non-transferable and non-refundable.  
* It is your responsibility to attend lessons that you schedule to receive the intended value.
* Timely notice for absents will assist in allowing makeup sessions for other students. Lessons that you cancel at least 24-hour or more notice are eligible for your rescheduling, or as credit for admission to our special Saturday clinics.
* Lessons that you miss with short notice , or no notice, may not be eligible for makeup or credit.
* You may stop your tuition / participation by informing your instructor, or this office, within 10 days of your recurring payment to cancel.

At the student's first lesson each calendar year, the annual Registration form is due.

Enrolled Students: Click here
to update your Registration Form each Calendar Year

Pre-admission Questionnaire

Our online application form, to the left, allows you to contact our riding academy with your information needed to request activity with our riding instructors.   

We currently have 4 CHA certified  riding instructors, and one BHS ( British Horse Society) certified instructor, Plus independent trainers and guest coaches.
Quality instruction at all levels of riding, both English & Western,

Beginners welcomed too

Riders wear SEI/ASTM approved riding helmets (provided), and appropriate footwear & clothing.       

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Pre-Admission Questionnaire ......

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   Gain life-enriching experience through the mastery of horsemanship skills in our
horseback-riding program, 
where we introduce you to the
wonderful world of horses. 

Readin' & Ridin' age 5 to 8

  ​​Very young starters need abbreviated private lessons and should start with this program  (more suitable for their physical level and attention span).

This special series of half-hour private lessons combines the ten chapter book " Happy Horsemanship" for a wonderful reading component.  The reading is done at home.